::: OSC to MIDI converter for Konkreet Performer

v1.1.2 [ 2011 05 04 ]

Screenshot :

Files :

Max 5 Patcher file: [ KonkreetPerformer.maxpat ]
MacOSX Standalone: [ KonkreetPerformer.app.zip ]
Windows Standalone: [ KonkreetPerformer.zip ]

Notes :

- the MIDI CC for the different nodes evolve by tenth: if the "x" attribute for the node #1 is CC4, it will be CC14 for node #2 and CC24 for node #3 and so on...

- the MIDI Note for the different nodes is a simple increment: so if the note for node #1 is "C4", it will be "C#4" for node #2 and "D4" for node #3 and so on...

Credits :

- this patch is based on the "kd_basic.pd" PureData patch.

- this version uses the "OSC-route" external provided by the CNMAT. You can download this object and a lot more usefull ones by following this link. (The required external is already embeded in the standalone versions)

- thanks to the great guys at Konkreet Labs for such a cool iPad app!

- thanks to Cycling74 for MaxMSP. This soft proves to be useful every single day!

Addendum :

- I am not affiliated with Konkreet Labs. I'm just a mere user ;) So I give no warranty nor support for this patch: use it at your own risk. You're more than welcome to modify and adapt it !